Spire Business Services Pty Ltd is a Xero Certified Partner delivering excellence in accounting, taxation and business advisory services with the purpose of helping small to medium businesses be successful and sustainable. Headed up by Daniel Vicino and Phillip Seath, both of whom are Certified Practising Accountants (CPA’s) and experienced Business Advisors.

The Spire Mission

We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients; supporting them to become more Sustainable, Prosperous, Informed, Responsive, and Efficient (SPIRE) by providing quality and trusted business advisory and taxation services.

The Spire Vision

To be a highly respected professional services firm who builds strong relationships with clients; giving them peace of mind that their interests, goals and vision for success are paramount to our team. The Spire team is passionate about providing quality business services, and love what we do.

Our Values


We are committed to fostering a team of personable, knowledgeable and responsive staff who enjoy what they do, and in turn being a highly respected employer in our industry. We strongly encourage personal and professional growth among ourselves, and have the utmost respect for all cultures and backgrounds.

Client focused

Our clients are our priority. As a result of building strong relationships with our clients we aim to be respectful, empathetic and aware of their goals, needs and visions.


We are bound by the pillars of trust, honesty and respect. We will be ethical in all that we do.


We don’t make excuses, and take responsibility for all that we do. As a team, we endeavour to remain accessible, reliable and responsive to our clients and their needs.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

We aim to have a positive impact on society and the environment.


We strive to be confident both individually, and together as a team – we encourage a healthy balance of boldness and determination while maintaining humility.

Our People

Daniel Vicino – daniel@spire-business.com.au 

Daniel Vicino is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in both public practice accounting firms and also within Small to Medium Entities (SME). Whilst working within a family SME, Daniel held various concurrent roles including Financial Controller of the Family Group and HR and Commercial Manager. Daniel continues to have a role on the board of directors as the Finance Director of the group.

Given Daniel’s experience with SME’s, he prides himself on being able to offer clear and valuable business planning, accounting and tax compliance advice in a professional manner while taking into account the practical application and the impacts on the business and its various stakeholders.

Phillip Seath – phillip@spire-business.com.au 

Phillip Seath is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with 13 years’ experience in public practice accounting, having serviced and supported a mix of small and medium sized businesses with their accounting, taxation and business advisory needs over that time. Phillip’s ultimate passion is to create long-term relationships with clients; seeking to be more than just a trusted advisor, and supporting them and their businesses in their journey to success. Paramount to this is the identification of their goals & ambitions, what motivates them both personally and in business, and ensuring that the right systems, processes and support mechanisms are in place to achieve them.